We respect your right to fit in

Caring for her elderly mother has made Charlie acutely aware of the often problematic situations consumers find themselves in and the difficulties they face navigating through unfamiliar environments.

Clothing is one area she can tackle personally. She has the greatest “Muse”… her mother, Gwen, is Charlie’s source of artistic and creative inspiration!

However, we feel these clothes may be snapped up by all ages; they will be effortlessly comfortable, stylish and versatile.

The oldest documented living human, ‘Calment’ a French woman, had all her wits about her when she reached the “super-centenarian” age of 110. With her jaunty smile, Calment charmed the world with her upbeat attitude toward ageing and life.

Precisely the ethos we wish for our clothing range.

We believe you have a right to fit in; to look stylish and gorgeous while maintaining your upbeat attitude toward ageing and life… even if the body doesn’t quite behave. We can do this, your way, with dignity each day.